Buying Step 2 – We Are Local

Established in Niagara,The Sykes Real Estate Team knows your town. With their combined experience and connections, this team has all of the tools to find your perfect home fast. Knowing Niagara means knowing what area to target specifically to meet all of your criteria for a home that fits your needs.

Buying Step 2 – We Know What To Look For

Whether you’re buying your first house or tenth, chances are you don’t physically look at houses on a daily basis. The Sykes Real Estate Team is looking at dozens of houses each and every week. There are certain red flags to look for when buying a house, many of which you may not be aware of. As experienced agents who look at houses day in and day out we are able to identify potential problems within a house relatively easily.

Buying Step 3 – We Are Your Negotiator

A huge benefit that you’ll receive when you have The Sykes Real Estate Team as your agents is that we negotiate on your behalf. Depending on the house you’re attempting to purchase and the current state of the real estate market, having a top notch real estate negotiator is critical.

Buying Step 4 – We Coordinate Showings For You

The Sykes Real Estate Team, when buying, is responsible for coordinating viewings of potential properties. This may mean making a dozen phone calls, figuring out the best route for the showings, and making sure you are provided with all of the pertinent information about the properties.

Buying Step 5 – We Know Contracts

When you have The Sykes Real Estate Team working for you, you have professionals who know the ins and outs of real estate contracts. There are several legal documents to submit in addition to the purchase offer, numerous deadlines to set and meet, as well as other important aspects within a real estate agreement. We handle all of that for you.

Buying Step 6 – We Know People

When you’re buying a house, you may need a mortgage specialist, a home inspector, a real estate lawyer, and a handful of other professionals. We have a portfolio full of recommended professionals that are trusted experts in their respective field.

Buying Step 7 – You Will Not Pay A Penny To Use Our Experience

No, we do not work for free, but you are not the one who pays us. In most cases, it is the seller who pays. So you get our expertise at your fingertips at no cost to you. It’s a no brainer!

Ready to buy? Let us help you!